Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Has it really been so long since I was on here?...seems so :/ And how time changes things-everything changes..it sneaks up on you without you realising it!
Gosh where to start??? Had my ups and downs too..finished work which is a biggy and I am trying to get used to the feeling of not having to be somewhere each morning! So very much has gone on since 2009 that it feels impossible to go into things lol so I shall pretend that the last post I made here was last week..

Right then a poem methinks :)

by Stella Jones Sat 4/12/10 (but I shall pretend I wrote this last week lol)

I change into night-time mode.
Lipstick a little heavier, a little darker
to show the still glistening welcome
of my lips.

A rich thick kozel darkness coats,
slips into pores, numbs the coldness inside.
Unaware I am taken and suited to the scene
of wood and cigarettes.
I think that perhaps this is bohemia at its best.

In this place political patter is timed
by a double bass of blonde wood
and I can slide between murmurs,
seep into the past where history sleeps
within purple blue smoke
and echoes gain strength,
stir up a love song.

I watch friends chat in that easy way.
Such easiness tastes of a quiet revolution
led by sad chords, minor chords,
music to cry for.

Conversation and kozel.
And in the backgound?
A velvet glove caresses
as I forget your name.

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