Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am putting up blah as the title thing is goosed on here..mind you I can blah with the best..I do wonder why blogger has these weird blips..
I have been suffering cowboy workmen, well one..and that will teach me not to try to get anything sorted on the cheap! The day is young, the sun undecided..I may have to dip under the rainbow today... :o(

Alice rides clouds
rattles rainbows
mixes them to something new,
she walks the moons edge.

Alice is scared,
knows the darker woman
who hides between lines
-in misted spaces,
too many similarities
to lonely nights where nothing
seems the same.
Thoughts splinter,

She dreams up a storm
with the in-rushing tide,
it's cold when she cries.

Alice rests within day-dreams,
behind white picket fences
hears a blue bird sing,
she smiles for the camera.

Hear her count stars
unhook one for luck
cover in white satin
just in case
splinter in the night.

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