Monday, April 06, 2009

Manic Monday :o)

A new day a new week, sadly full of meetings for me although I do get the chance to sneak out for a quick smoke between them!!...Funny sort of day today, beautiful in the morning time, lousy later the heating goes on and off as often as the sun decides to play games! Hide and go seek methinks..A friend told me that meetings are set up by people who want to feel important, well I am not important and hate bringing people in for a meeting as they always look so worried..I spend a good deal of time reassuring them that all is well...I wonder if it is?..well that is?..hmmmm...I am wandering off on a tangent again so shall shut up! Okay a poem to read if desired. :o)

Dream On

Brilliance brims a new day full
I feel small wishes die,
in first born light the sound of today
is so very loud, enough to puncture
fragile dreams.

Birdsongs fresh flavour brushes skin,
I awaken on a breathy yawn that curls,
folds itself into corners
full of half remembered times.

A child-like stretch
in a grown up world
and for a moment
I am the fairest,
more lovely than imagined.

Absent from reality.

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