Friday, March 13, 2009

Frantic Friday!!

Yup it's been a frantic few days..Surely Spring is almost here? I pity poor Spring as many (including myself) pin so much hope on her. Tis the season of renewal and growth..well seeing as I am on a diet I hope the growth bit does not happen!! But the thought of renewal into something better..well thats something to ponder on :o)


I've trod on hallowed turf
and am in a no-good mood
stiff with starch, have assessed

referred, reviewed,
re-referred and re-assessed ,
been here forever
on a swivel
turning round and round
and round..

Somewhere, clerics
have filed me away
with muffled groans,
'wish she'd just go away'.

Cursing louder than under
my breath, there's a compulsion
to lie safe, soft, far
from this rickets ridden system.
Sunlight is a taunting memory.

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