Monday, February 09, 2009

It's Monday!!

Mmm been a while since I came here. I have not been too well and to be honest couldn't be arsed either!..but am here now and that is all that matters...well what a frantic day! Somedays can be so busy.

I am longing for the spring-time thats it!! I have had enough of the dank, dark days we are having, so miserable outside today, with a watery sun soon scuttering back behind some warming clouds..but it peeped though, and that is a good sign.

I live near to the coast in the same place I was brought up in from the age of six or seven..when small I remember walking down by the shore, and the towpath was one of my favourite haunts. The farmers fields border onto the towpath and it was full of magic for a young girl. So many great memories of that special place. One day I may share them.

The Towpath

By the towpath
where the reeds grow tall
the scent of cut grass
lies amongst warm folds.

So soft a lullaby
as the breeze plays,
slips over her skin.
Late afternoon sun
kisses her face.

I can see her lost in her smile.

Within a young girls daydream
sheltering reeds dance purple-blue.
Birdsong and bees
play a seranade to music.

This memory still clear,
clear in my mind.
By the towpath
where the reeds grow tall.

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