Monday, February 23, 2009

It Has Been a Strange Day

Because even though I work in a crowded center I have felt lonely today. Lonliness is a strange feeling and maybe that is not the right word..isolated?..nah that doesn't fit either..hmmm guess when things get a little too much for me I retire into myself somewhat..guess it gives me time to sort out my befuddled today I didn't share the dinner time with my mates but decided to stay in my own unit..which was a bad move as I carried on with paper work..Oh well, never mind!

Oh Hell

has closed,
gone bust.
She suffers
a Sunday neurosis.
No instinct,

Red painted nails.

All those minutes
answer for a life.
Where were you
that you couldn't see?
when there was a 'why'
bearable was almost
any 'how'.

She's tangled
Lost movement
in this world,
can't find
what really 'is'.

Her meaning
never ceases,
She just
doesn't look
for answers

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