Friday, February 20, 2009

Well It's Friday Again...

How the days do fly by! Today was so beautiful with the sun warming me as I sat outside on my fag break!...soon it will be spring and I shall write of love and all things new :)

Busy, busy week hek they don't get easier but never mind it pays the bills and so forth and so on....I have been told I have to dress up for red nose day (yet again) the center where I work usually raises quite a tidy sum for the cause and lets face it always good to do something for someone else isn't it?...I like to think so..It was my mums birthday on the 17th of Febuary she has been dead for quite a number of years..the thing is that I didn't remember until the day bad is that?'s very bad and I felt so ashamed as we had a great relationship and I still miss her like mad..anyways I felt so lousy but have come to terms with forgetting.. :(

I Shall Bring You Flowers

If all the feelings that I ever had
where stored in this room
your spirit would fill it
and could alter the world.

I should let you go,
abandon you to the past tense.
Yet how can I?
You are always there
and here.
Your ashes around a rose.

I wonder will others understand
how you breathe in me. You
are no more the past than myself,
I shall carry you onwards
into the future.

I need no time to mourn yet
sometimes I believe your death
was a cruel lie, a mistake.
I wait for your return.

And on the day of your new birthday,
the day that you died.
I bring flowers into the house
to make you smile.

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