Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well It's Wednesday

Wednesday is a strange day. It was the one day of the week that I had difficulty spelling when I was a young un..and to this day I use Wednesday as a divide of my week..some things stick throughout your life don't they?

It's been so cold today that if I owned bollox they would have frozen off..and I am fed up with having to go outside for my fix of nicotine. The longer the ban goes on the more I am resolute to take my breaks..which is daft coz as I said tis freezing!! So there I am shivering and wondering why on earth I put myself through this..The addiction is strong. I have no care that I am being anti-social, I have to be politically correct at work so I am damned if I am gonna be social too. :o) They have supplied me and others with my habit with a very dapper looking stainless steel bucket for quaint.

Anyway less of my thoughts..this is one I wrote when cold!!

A Break of Anti-Social Behaviour

Instant relief blends winters scent,
sifting minutes lost to uncertain views,
within a bubble of quietness I hide,
tuned to red alerts that fade
not meant for me
as the lighter clicks.

White heather skates on fallow turf,
gentle smoke cuts fresh air in two,
curls itslef in wild flowers sound.
Petals cough unheard, I am content,
I stand accused.

Social Workers have a definate step,
an urgent fire alarm, walk this way.
One eye closed I sit and feel,
fading back within a lighter warmth,
lick the smoke in my mouth.

Little wren hunts surrounded by weeds,
a forgetful woodlouse dies in a tweet.
Final ash powders resistance and toenails
as respite minutes fall crushed to rest,
where my tin bucket token
calls time.

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