Saturday, January 17, 2009

One little thing I have noticed

Is that on my profile the chinese astro sign for November is the boar...I am still laughing here. How very kind of Blogger to name me as a boar (bore) and not a pig! I do wish (only sometimes) I had not been born in the year of the pig, let's face it not exactly complementary is it? Although I am pleased not to be born in the year of the cock or the rat, for obvious reasons. :)

Saturdays I adore almost as much as Friday nights.. With Fridays you have the whole weekend to look forward to.. Saturdays because you still have Sundays.. Mind you I spent most of today at the hairdressers, the price I pay due to copious ammounts of grey hair (ok, ok) mostly grey, but not anymore.. HAH! But the cost of hairdressers is, well it's outrageous!! total rip off.. though I am too much of a coward to buy one o' those do it yerself boxes of colour from the shops.. a fear I picked up from my Dad many many years ago when he dyed my mums hair a delighful shade of green (though some green wouldn't be too bad)

I was tempted to have a hair cut and that in India..until I visited the hairdressers there.. The loo was the seat and they were merrily boiling up a kettle for one poor soul.. the hot water to wash her hair one kettle one plug.. don't think they even offered her a coffee which is, in my world, essential when having a bad moment. She had booked before checking out the place.. turned out a very interesting cut too... not what I would call the best one I had seen but hey.. she was there for seven weeks (India not the hairdressers) and bought a nifty array of bandanas, so all ended well...

Looking back at the drivel I have just written I am now thinking mmmm maybe being born in the year of the boar was quite, quite appropriate..

A Gesture of Intent (possibly my only hair poem)

A gesture of intent
the swing of her hair.
With beautiful speed
she breaks the code
behind his shield,
left there years ago
as a problem solving

Now she purrs, rolls easily,
brims with persuasion.
Connects briefly with barely
half of a human being,
who in disarray, realises
too late,
that her poison
is terminal.

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