Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank Crunchy it's Friday :)

Not going to bitch about work (ok yes I am) but I am damn glad it's Friday..what a week, skeleton staff, lots of illness at the moment, guess like many places. Jeez I need a holiday! Which is rather selfish for I am not long back from India..seems a lifetime away.

So onwards and upwards and let's see what the day brings....:)

Watching Kumar Work

He works with ease as sunshine drips
from the edge of my parasol, flushes
over bare skin. Fingers slick with oil,
smelling of spices mould soft dough.
Hands tease the smallest blemish,
muslin braves the heat
and although I am no model
of excellence or perfection,
I'm intoxicated,
making love to the warm Arabian wind.

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