Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is my voice so awful?

that it would break my loved lap top?...ok I may not have dulcet tones but surely they are not so strong as to reek havoc on me poor pc..but seems so..I was in the middle of an audio recording of a very small poem when whoosh..pc went potty..

I would prefer to put this problem down to a trogan horse or whatever nasty virus is going round these days..but I was protected (as the actress said to the vicar.) So there I am with nothing..lost all of my stuff and no, I did not back up my files so all docs are now floating somewhere in the stratosphere, the up side?..I now sport a fancy new sony vaio lovely thing although it is a ton wieight.

Don't you just love/hate these things?

Silent times (or forever the optimist):)

This silent time I consider a gift,
moments free from outside influence
where the day is clean, fresh
and opportunities endless.
In this space to refuse
possibilities, seek potential,
is as waiting for death to be delivered
with the morning post.

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