Monday, July 18, 2011

I have recently visited Lisbon, near to where I stayed (it was a very nice hotel called the Corinthia) there was a zoo..Now I have mixed minds over zoos, as most people, but this one pleasantly surprised me.

There were lots of cafe shops and eating places and also vending machines to get yourself a cool drink, which believe me they were!

It was also very animal friendly, much thought had been put into the layout for the animals and they had as much room to move about as possible..different environments were also offered to each species..something I believe is important to make their lives as interesting as possible.

Oh the people of Lisbon were so friendly! Not a thing one usually finds in a big city, but they were..I think I shall tell of them later, as I want to write a poem about that.

Anyways this pic of a tiger brought to mind a poem I wrote about two tigers after a vivid tigers if you want an explanation for I am not going to blush on blogger lolololo.

Two Tigers

That tiger scares me,
I hear his constant breath,
imagine a strength of will
when his smooth pad-fall
passes me by.
I feel his presence,
know he will return,
to taunt, tease
me and the tiger
who walks with me.

I love the one at my side,
worry as he scents
understands his nemesis,
believes he knows mine.
There are times
I fret for our future
as that tiger
shines colour,
his aura unmistakable,
his pride discernable
in the arch of his neck,
the spark in his eye.
He believes in himself.
He would like me for his own.

My tiger cleanses me
with a rough tongue,
purrs if I stroke
the black tufty tip
of his ear.
He consoles
and comforts me,
curls about my feet
tells me all will be well
yet walks
a deliberate pace.

As day follows night
into the light,
light dawn,
curtains are drawn
through other peoples dreams,
I feel that tiger,
his want predatory,
in his intention
and I wonder if he too

would curl around my feet.